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Seville [ES]

The project will be developed in the same scenario and with the same participants as the SmartCity Malaga project 

The main objective of the project is to develop a suite of monitoring and diagnostic tools for distribution networks (MV and LV), similar to those traditionally used in high-voltage networks (HV). So far, this real-time monitoring and diagnosis has only been performed in high-voltage networks; the proposal is to also deploy these capabilities in medium and low-voltage networks.

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As one of the products of the E3MEL research projects, Ayesa has been able to offer Endesa electricity meter data management (MDM) projects based on ready-to-market OPEN-SOURCE BigData products, allowing it to comply fully with the regulatory changes that have been introduced in Spain in connection with customer billing based on hourly measurements of domestic consumers through Smart-metering.

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Algeciras (Cádiz) [ES]

This is an Applied research project that aims to research, develop and demonstrate the technological physical parameters and algorithms necessary to increase the efficiency of port processes that have a significant physical footprint, enriching them with new data on real everyday situations in the port through the development of a SmartCity Platform applied to Port Processes.

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City of Panama (Tocumen)
A consortium headed by Ayesa is responsible for the supervision of the design and construction of a new passenger terminal, of the highest level in the world, with unique architecture, projected by Foster&Partners, as well as all of its associated infrastructures (accesses, aircraft parking platform and control tower). These works will require an investment of over 800 million dollars, the greatest airport investment currently being executed in Latin America.
Spanning 15.9 kilometres with 26 stops and stations that will serve the entire metropolitan area, Granada's light railway is currently one of Spain's major railway projects. Ayesa has been entrusted with the installations for the communications systems and the workshop equipment.
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Partial and full load commissioning services are essential to ensure proper operation of the new Data Center. The information provided by these services makes it possible to detect and correct undesirable performance by certain equipment, as well as design weaknesses when we change from the rated load operation.
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Gijón [ES]
The Gijón Municipal Water Compnay has entrusted Ayesa to undertake the task of implementing a corporate Geographic Information System (GIS) with several purposes: to provide a flexible and reliable response to their current geographic information needs, give prominence to the system and make it a pillar of support for business processes, and give it full capabilities for future development.
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Andalucía [ES]
The integrated social services system was conceived in 2000 to carry out the complete management of areas which made up the former Regional Ministry for Social Affairs and the Andalusian Institute for Social Services and today has become the largest information system of the Regional Ministry for Equality, Health and Social Policy